Customize your myspace profile

Are you getting tired of using lame myspace generator to edit your profile?
WORRY NO MORE!!! Now you can use BBZ's Profile Generator to customize your profile and pimp your myspace like no other! This myspace profile generator is surprisingly easy to use but carry many features.

Go ahead and give it a try and you will be amazed how easy it is to use this myspace profile generator compare to other generators like Thomas' myspace editor, MyGen, Pimp My Myspace and many other lame generators.

Profile Body
Background Color [Help]
Background Image Yes No
Border Around Entire Profile Yes No

Profile Sections (Tables)
Borders Yes No
Border Thickness
Border Color [Help]
Border Style [Help]
Background Color [Help]
Transparency*    * This version does not cut the tables off
      on Internet Explorer so it's safe to use.

Profile Text
Text & Link Font Style [Help]  
Text Color [Help]  
Header Color [Help]  
Link Color [Help]  
Link Decoration
Yes No
Link Hover Color
(when the mouse is over)
Link Hover Decoration
(when the mouse is over)
Yes No

Other Options
Hide Top Links, Search, Sign Out, etc.
Yes No
Hide Bottom Links
About, FAQ, Copyright, etc.
Yes No
Reverse Profile
Flip the right and left column.
Yes No
Picture Transparency
Trasparent-to-visible effect on picture links.
Yes No
Picture Borders
Borders around your linked pictures.
Yes No
Stretch URL Box
Make the URL box the same width as contacts.
Yes No
Stretch Right Column
Set Blogs, Blurbs, Friends to same width.
Yes No
Comment Separator
Horizontal line to separate each comment.